How to Watch NFL Games While Traveling

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September 15, 2015
Football season is finally here, which means, with a fantasy football team to manage and a Giants-crazed boyfriend, I will be spending most of my Sundays watching the football for the next few months. Catching all the games while traveling can be challenging, but in case you absolutely need to find a way to watch your favorite teams play, here is a guide on how to watch NFL games while traveling.

NFL Game Pass (International Version)

The best option I have found for watching football games while traveling is through the international version of NFL Game Pass. The international version gives you access to all of the live games AND NFL RedZone, whereas with the U.S. version you are stuck with re-runs.

To access this abroad, you will need an active subscription to NFL Game Pass and a computer or tablet. The plans are listed below (note that this is a screenshot of the international version that you can only access abroad or with a VPN), but notice that if this is just a short-term solution, you can sign up for the 7-day free trial.

NFL Game Pass Plans
To register, you can use a U.S. credit card and billing address, and once you are logged onto your account from a computer, you can start viewing right away. Awesome!
NFL Game Pass Screenshot
Downloading the NFL Game Pass app to an iPad or Android device is a little trickier because you’ll need the international version.

For Android Devices. The Android version is not readily available on the Play Store, so you will need to download the APK and manually install it. One option can be found here.

For iOS Devices. In order to download the NFL Game Pass app to your iPad, you will need to change the country of your App Store by following these directions from Apple. When I was visiting Stockholm, I used the hotel’s address for this step. Once the country has been changed, you’ll be able to download the international version of Game Pass and begin watching NFL games on your iPad abroad.


Another option for watching NFL games while traveling is purchasing a Slingbox. With a Slingbox, you can watch every channel on your television, on any device, like your phone, tablet, or laptop live. Keep in mind there are several drawbacks to this option. You’ll be limited to watching what is available through the television service the Slingbox is hooked up to, so if you don’t have access to certain games, you won’t get access by having a Slingbox. Furthermore, the Slingbox itself costs a few hundred dollars. If you plan to use the Slingbox for watching additional television programming back home, then it might be worth the investment.

Check out Local Bars

One final option is to look for international outposts of American bars. Oftentimes, you’ll find that a TGI Friday’s or Applebee’s abroad will broadcast major NFL games. Call ahead of time to see what they will be showing, and maybe you will be lucky enough to catch your favorite team. Although this is not a sure bet, watching the games on a big screen beats seeing them on a laptop monitor any day.

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  1. Mark Chross

    This is probably something that I shouldn’t even be thinking about when I am on vacation, but these options are at least options when you have nothing else. A little football on a vacation overseas has never hurt anyone :)

  2. Nicky Rens

    I have had pretty good luck with local bars when I am traveling on business. I guess if anything, I could just listen to me satellite radio and at least get the updates.

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