Goodbye Gum Wall!

For the first time in over 20 years, the Pike Place Market will be cleaning off its famous Gum Wall, where in places is six inches deep with chewed gum. The cleaning serves to protect the integrity of the bricks making up the historic walls of Post Alley. Starting on November 10, 2015, crews will begin steaming the walls of Post Alley until the gum is gone, which is expected to take a few days. It is estimated there are 150 pieces of gum per brick and likely more than one million gum wads on the wall, which in total may weigh several tons.

As a symbol of the quirkiness of Seattle, the Gum Wall will be a fixture I am sad to say goodbye to. Below is my tribute to this Seattle tradition, my collection of photos of the Gum Wall. Goodbye Gum Wall! I hope you come back bigger and better than ever!

Seattle Pike Market gum wallSeattle Pike Market gum wallSeattle Pike Market gum wallSeattle Pike Market gum wallSeattle Pike Market gum wall
Do you have photos of the gum wall you’d like to share? From now until November 9, 2015, the Pike Market is hosting the Gum Wall Snap! photo contest in which the winner will have his or her name or message engraved on a galvanized steel Market Charm and receive 2 tickets to Unexpected Production’s improv show held in the Market Theater, the longtime host to the Gum Wall.

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