5 Amazing Amazon Prime Perks for Travelers

Amazon Prime devices for travelers
Just this week, Amazon announced that Prime members can download movies and shows to watch offline on their Android and iOS devices. Travelers, rejoice! Now with a Prime membership you can have access to Amazon’s expansive video library while flying.

The perks of having an Amazon Prime membership as a traveler don’t stop there. For $99 a year, the Amazon Prime membership unlocks many other benefits beyond the free 2-day shipping the program is known for. Below are a list of Amazon Prime perks for travelers that you might not even know about!

1. Offline Viewing for Videos

As mentioned above, Amazon Video’s new offline viewing feature for Android and iOS devices is the Prime travel perk I am most excited about. To start, you need to download the latest version of the the Amazon Video app (formerly called “Amazon Instant Video”). Once I began browsing through the Amazon Video app, I immediately noticed the new download feature, shown below, which worked for both movies and TV shows!

For Movies

Amazon Prime Video iPad screenshot

For Shows

Amazon Prime Video iPad screenshot
You can download as many Prime eligible movies and shows as you would like – the only limitation being how much memory you have on your device, so be sure to delete videos that you have already watched to make room for new ones. You can browse the Prime eligible library with over 40,000 movies and shows here.

2. Access to Music Offline

Do you prefer jamming out to your favorite tunes rather than watching movies while you fly? Amazon Prime has got you covered here too. With your Prime membership and the Prime Music app, you can download Prime Music for offline playback.

All you have to do is sign into your Prime Music app on your phone or tablet, pick which songs you want to download, and tap download from the menu. You’ll be able to find all your downloaded songs in your “Offline Library.” Awesome!

Download Song

Amazon Prime Video iPad screenshot

Offline Library

Amazon Prime Video iPad screenshot

3. Free Kindle Books

Flying is a great time to catch up on some reading, and with a Prime membership and a Kindle device, you get access to the Kindle Owner’s Lending Library, from which you can choose from over 800,000 books to borrow for free (limit 1 per month). You can browse the available books here.

A slight deviation from this program, Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited service is an additional $9.99 per month on top of a Prime membership, so I didn’t want to include it as an Amazon Prime perk. However, I’ve tried it recently and really liked it for the following reasons.

First, Kindle Unlimited works on any device as long as the Kindle app is installed on it – there’s no need to own a Kindle.

Second, you have access to over a million books, which includes travel guides like the Lonely Planet Guides to New York City and Germany. This is great because you have unlimited access to the available guides and you don’t have to carry around several guidebooks while traveling since you can store them all on your phone or tablet.

4. Prime Now

Prime Now is Amazon Prime’s almost-instant delivery service that Amazon has been rolling out to cities across the United States and now also available in London. Items ordered through Prime Now will be delivered within one or two hours. How does this benefit travelers? If you are packing at the last-minute and realize you need to buy some travel necessities, you can order them through Prime Now and have them delivered to you right away. Traveling to a Prime Now city and forgot to pack something? Order it through Prime Now and have it delivered to your hotel. This is definitely great for forgetful people like me.

5. Unlimited Photo Storage

When I travel, I am a crazy, trigger-happy photographer and end up taking thousands of pictures. Compounded on top of this, I’m a photo pack rat – I hate deleting pictures, even the blurry ones! These habits really put some stress on my memory cards and storage drives until I found out that Amazon offers unlimited cloud photo storage with a Prime membership. With Amazon’s Prime Photos, I can upload all the shots I take and access them across all my devices. It’s also really easy to share photos directly with my family.
If you are a traveler with an Amazon Prime membership, start taking advantage of these perks today! If not, sign up for a 30-day free trial to see for yourself how having a Prime membership can really enhance your traveling experience.

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    1. Nicole Post
    1. Nicole Post
  1. Paul Sconce

    I have watched videos offline before, that is a great tip and awesome feature of Amazon Prime. I also take full advantage of the unlimited storage by Amazon. When I am on vacation, there is never a threat that I will lose all of my photos because they are automatically uploaded to Amazon Cloud.

    1. Nicole Post

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