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We are the expert providers of network security services.

About Us

We are the expert providers of network security services. Forged from our success as a well established network services provider, our security platform provides the comprehensive network security solutions. Our services are designed in a manner that they protect even the most critical information in an effective manner.
As the organizations are struggling from increasing security needs for their business, our network security solutions not only provide the security but also reduce cost, manage complexity and master all the requirements from just a single platform. Our network security solutions are expanded across the horizons of IT security, network security and enterprise security as well.

Our Solutions

Under this, we refine, streamline and enhance the customer’s security systems by the use of security audits and health checks.

The different services that we provide under our security services include the following:


Mobile Application Store Security



Visibility of Application and Control



Real - Time Detection of Spams



More appropriate and firm security delivered to your organization



Protection in the virtual environments



Prevention from the Data Leakage

Our Services

With the global professional security services, we are well equipped to respond to the emerging needs of our growing customers and partners. By relying on a proven methodology, we cater you to fully leverage our network security services and technology services to increase the amount of your investment. Our security services work by spanning the whole portfolio of the client. These vary from the security risk assessment to more comprehensive, sophisticated and customized deployments.
With a worldwide presence, we have a team of skilled experts who work end to end to provide the best security services. Our professional services also combine with the key partners and alliance company’s to provide our services and enable the customization to fulfill the business requirements of the client.

With our services, you can get comprehensive planning, implementation and the support services for all the necessary services provided by us. Our global team of systems and network security specialists, provide such security services that are important for any well established security rollout, that is regardless of the size. Also, customers can incur the benefit of locking in the long term advantages for the IT environment and the business.


We work with the customer and their stakeholders to figure out the strategic objectives. These include particular security & the initiatives. These goals are prioritized to state an approach for implementation.


In this, our team of skilled workers create a roadmap for meeting the customer objectives in a well framed manner. It also involves definition of particular milestones and timeframes.


In this, installation, configuration and integration of our network security services is done in a manageable manner. It starts with the pilot scale testing and further goes to production deployment.


Proven accelerators are used to execute the security operations and the remediation plan. Also, we document the new operating process and deliver the knowledge transfer.

Our Operations

We operate in a state of art service network, to provide a suite of security services to our customers. The network security is based on a co - location that is held by level 3 communications and a Tier 1 internet provider also. With this facility, we provide physical and electronic access controls, battery and generator for a firm power backup and also a redundant bandwidth. The network security provided by us is protected by the fire walls, vulnerability scans and the intrusion detection service. One of the most vital services that we deliver include the optimum mobile security services. To provide customers the world class network security, below are the strategies that we use.








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