Welcome to our exhibition stand design portfolio

We’ve designed and built high quality, eye catching bespoke exhibition stands for some of the biggest brands to display at trade shows all over the world. These include Michelin, Sony Pictures and Casio. Click on the any of the images in the grid below to see the detailed shots of our stands in action.

Portable Systems

When you choose BIE protable displays, you are selecting echibits with both substance and style that are lightweight, easy to use, durble and attractive. We offer you the sophisticated and substantial look that is support by dynamic graphic solutions.

Using light boxes, backlit headers and various functional display solutions, thousands of display solutions are possible, simply by rearranging panels, substituting components and selecting from a wide color palette of fabric and laminate options.

BIE gives you proven design features that work.

Portable Systems

Interiors & Architecture

At BIE we offer a full range of interior architectural design services from initial space planning and design through to construction details and supervision of project implementation.

We are committed to excellent design, budget control and service coupled with through understanding of our client’s requirements for identity, image and their marketing goals. We ensure project cost management regardless of the size of project.

BIE also takes it upon itself to ensure that its designs offer uniqueness and corporate identity of its client. The designs are prepared keeping in mind the clients requirements and BIE gives value and style to its client’s perception.

BIE thrives on sleek, clean lines. Coincidently, this is also the image that a corporate office desires, as it presents a professional and elegant look. The designs created at BIE are simple smooth and coordinated that gives an image of transition from one self to another.

At the same time the designs created refer to the act of creation and fashion towards a purposeful end. The underlying philosophy of designs at BIE is simple and lightweight with a modern hi-tech touch. We provide images that along with being light and elegant also give a look of being highly schematic.

All this is also achieved though modular system so as to be perfectly managed cost as well as weight wise.